Monday, July 25, 2011


Amazing things are happening in my life lately. I have so many things so say, I don’t know quite where to start.

Actually right now I’m a little distracted because I’m waiting for a return text from Artist. I sent her a text, teasing her… I thought it was tremendously funny but it’s not half as much fun if she doesn’t respond. Of course knowing her… she’s got such a sharp wit… she will take the time she needs to craft the most stabbing reply possible. Hehe. I like being friends with her.

Yes, I said that. I love being her friend. That is the direction she and I are headed and, after much mental processing on my part, I am fine with that.

I am learning like crazy. There is also purpose for THAT, beyond the world of the Artist. I need to dig in deeper and learn more, faster!! I have a sense of urgency there.

Yesterday I played and sang in church. That was really exciting. Hadn’t played in front of people in a LONG time. Back in the saddle feels nice. :)

Yesterday afternoon, I met the Artist at the Shaw Center. We went and sat on the 4th floor balcony and talked for about 2 hours. She also let me read from a book of her poetry. Talk about GUT-WRENCHING… her poetry was so vividly written, reading it made me almost hurt physically! What I read was obviously from a very hard time in her life. She’s one of THOSE… one of those I keep coming across… who have reached their current place in life only after walking a very broken, harsh, rocky road. Artist is an amazing writer. I told her over and over how much I appreciated her letting me read her poetry; her writings are very personal and real.

I guess I do kind of still have a crush on her… to say I completely did NOT would just be a lie. But I am handling it a lot better. Haha!! Truly though, I love having her as a friend. Getting to KNOW her… and letting her know me, the real me… without the encumbrances of all that comes with having a relationship… is, at this point, a very clear and free experience.

Also, I was able to give her a Bible Promise Book yesterday! She is expressing an interest in the Bible. That excites me because I have been praying hard for her to want God, to hunger for His real love. Circumstances have been lining up in her life, I tell you what! So she has a Bible now, and told me she had “thumbed through some of it.” I was able to show her the book of John, to tell her that is a good place to start. John is God’s love letter to us. I told her, it tells of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, and really explains the REASON for the rest of the Bible. I also showed her how to find Psalms by opening the Bible to the very center. I am so excited and need to keep on praying for her. Love that girl… in the best way possible.

It has been a very rainy day. Since I ran yesterday, I might take the evening off and read some. I am loving life lately.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Muggy Sunday morning
Outside SB
Because, for her, it is SB
And not Starbucks
As my world evolves
Past the ends of my fingertips
Finding that a lack of control
Actually gives more control
And the less I try to manage
The more I end up in charge of
And I am learning
Fewer words convey more meaning