Thursday, February 19, 2015

Senitnelav Yad: A Story

This had been a Valentine's Day I would never forget. Holding her close, I drifted off to sleep. I smiled into the dark, elated by the possibilities that came with the beginning of this new relationship. We had traveled to heaven together, and I never wanted to leave. She whispered in my ear that she loved the sound of my heartbeat.

Finaly exhausted, we lay still together. Any concept of time was lost to us both. Passionate lovemaking consumed us. We collapsed on the bed.  Unquenchable fire followed undressing... followed touching... followed kissing... followed a gentle approach. No words were spoken.

We went inside my apartment.  I led the way up two flights of stairs with her following me. Anticipation was boiling my brain. Sitting in the car she gave me an expectant, teasing, somewhat sultry, knowing look.  Parking my car was a challenge because her soft, sexy voice had me so distracted.

I turned my car into the gate to my complex . So enchanted was I in her, I almost missed my turn.  I asked if she would like to come see where I lived.

I opened the car door for her like a true, classy gentlewoman. Tentatively, she took my hand as we walked through the restaurant parking lot. Finally, we agreed that it was time to get going.

We lingered and talked forever.  I had never known someone with whom I had so many things in common and with whom I shared such a deep mutual attraction and understanding. The evening flowed smoothly and dreamlike, without a hitch.

Standing in the cold, I pulled her close to me. Distinguishing between the stars in the sky and the stars in her eyes was intoxicating. I breathed in her beauty as she stepped outside her house.

I had finally asked her out, and I was so glad I had summoned up the courage to do so! Hearing her say the word YES made me glow from the inside out.

"Could I take you to dinner on Valentine's Day?" The conversation wound its way down a curly path to an expectant, tingling end.  Leaning her elbow on the countertop behind her, she smiled at me. I was almost certain that what we had been doing could be defined as flirting. We talked some and laughed some, volleying cute phrases back and forth. I followed her into the breakroom.

She was beautiful. Shiny, brunette hair with dark brown eyes and lashes that seemed to beckon me closer. Every time she passed by me, my pulse quickened. She came to work at my company about three months ago, and I'd had somewhat of a crush on her from very early on.

Her name was Audrey.