Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some of My Favorite Things from 2014

1.  Discovered Trader Joe's
2.   New work assignment
3.  Got a raise
4.  My car was dead,  dead,  dead and a very kind and generous someone paid to have it fixed for me.
5.  When my car was acting up again,  another person came over one Sunday morning and helped me fix it for cheap.
6.  Lena and I officially decided to move in together
7.  Got to better know a lot of friends at work.
8.  Made plans for an AWESOME AMAZING BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR LENA THAT I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT... but am keeping my lips zipped about so it will be a 100% surprise. :-) Her bday comes in March.
9.  Discovered Grey's Anatomy
10.  Spent minimal money on Christmas by making most of my gifts.
11.  Realized did not want to become an art therapist because I really don't enjoy talking to crazy people about their problems.  This is due in part to my experiences doing volunteer work at the crisis phone line. Haha...
12.  Realized I have a tendency to throw myself headlong into things with so much passion and fervor that I burn out quickly and become resentful.  I saw that I need to take things more slowly and with smaller steps.
13.  Reunited better with my best friend from college.
14.  Discovered Breaking Bad
15.  Renewed my lease on my apartment and lived in the same place for more than one year for the first time in my adult life.
16.  Had my 2nd year anniversary with Lena.
17.  Finally caught up with The Walking Dead series on TV.

Lots more but that's all I can think of right now.  Toodles.