Wednesday, August 4, 2010

They Got Theirs, You Got Yours and I Got Mine

Life. Wow. It's been awhile since I posted anything. I am now working at ExxonMobil Pipeline in Denham Springs. I like working here. Initially thought I might like to live in DS but... no... maybe I'm a snob but the people here, just some of them, really give me the creeps. I want to live on the OTHER side of the Amite. :) Yes indeed.

Living, actually, with Kevin right now, which is actually very nice. Only no Carrie... stuff went down and I left her... but we are working things out. For the time being, she is going to live with her friend Trish in New Orleans/Algiers... somewhere on the West Bank... while we both save up money and get out business straightened out. Then hopefully get a place together again.

I am driving Kevin's (PapPa's) car to work. Kevin has a work truck so that worked out just right. My first item on my agenda is to get a vehicle. Trying to save but things keep coming up. It will work out eventually.

Still lots of pets, still trying to find homes for 4 kittens. Life is fun with animals in it, it really is fun. *grin*