Friday, June 14, 2019

This Puts the GEE in Georgetown

So.  I awoke in Alexandria/Crystal City, VA on my last morning in the DC metro area.  After packing, piddling and pondering, I decided to snag an Uber and jet over to Georgetown.

I had bought no souvenirs on this trip.  If anything, I thought, I would have liked to purchase a meaningful book; something I loved.  I could write inside the cover where I had acquired this book.  It would be spectacular, and it would MEAN something to me.  Not just a t-shirt or mug... you know what I mean.

My FAVORITE, FAVORITE author on the planet is Nevada Barr.  I am enraptured by her Anna Pigeon novels.  Anna is a law enforcement ranger with the National Park Service and the series of novels moves her from park to park.  Hence my newfound passion for visiting and experiencing National Parks.

None of the bookstores I had visited offered any Nevada Barr anything; neither Anna Pigeon nor any of her other works.  I guess maybe her books aren't new enough to be in NEW bookstores... but, neither are they undesirable enough to be shelved in USED book stores.  (Believe me, I went to several of each during my week in DC.)

But Georgetown, I thought... Georgetown might just offer my sought-after treasure.

Here are some photos I took on my Georgetown jaunt:

  A Dr. Martens STORE!  No outlet mall needed; this was an actual store full of Doc M footwear.  How sweet it that.

  Don't remember why I took this picture.  The sight must have struck me as cool at the moment.  Ehh.  LOL

  Haagen-Daas AND Starbucks.  It's like... very unhealthy next door to a little less unhealthy.  Haha  Seriously, you see so many Starbuckses in DC you might start to think you're hallucinating... but, no, they are all real.  THEY... ARE... ALLLLLLL... REALLLLLLLLLLLL... HAHAHAHAHA


Moving on.

  Puppydog pic!!  I can barely resist photographing pets in public.  What a sweetie.  

  Now THIS!!!  This is a little piece of heaven designed just for people like me.  You pay a small fee, and get to go inside and have a "Kitten Experience" !!  For me, this would entail laying spread-eagle on the floor and letting kittens run across me back and forth... and a lot of huggling (hug/snuggling) and of course teeny kisses on top of teeny, furry heads.  The goal is for people to come in, fall in love with a kitten or several, and take them home to love forever and ever.

They were not open for the day when I came by, but a chick who worked there did come out to see me and explained how the facility operated.  They don't take in rescues off the streets, but they do take as many kittens as possible from shelters to make room for other, older cats.  If I'm ever back there, I have a kitten date in mind.  LOL


  Okay.  So THIS was my first of two main goals for visiting Georgetown.  An Amazon-freaking-STORE.  WHAT??  It's like... heaven come to earth.  Seriously.

  ...WITH a downstairs coffee shop.  Like any self-respecting modern bookstore.  I mean, come on.  haha

(A view of yon coffee shop)

BUT... they had nary a Nevada Barr creation.  Sure, you can order her stuff from Amazon online, but I wanted to buy a NEVADA BARR book, IN WASHINGTON, IN PERSON.  Crapmonkeys.  Ehh.  Moving on.

I had one other straw at which to grasp... I had Googled the location of a used bookstore in Georgetown which appeared promising.  So I got out my Google maps, entered the address, and power-walked my way through the streets of Gtown.

Seriously, I put any power-walking, elbow-swinging soccer mom to shame that day.  I was sweating and everything. hahaha

  Finally I got there...

 ...and they were CLOSED!!!!  On my face, I must have looked a little disappointed.  Inside, I was throwing a temper-tantrum to rival the terriblest two year old.

Image result for terrible two temper tantrum (Exactly.  That was my inner-child.  No words necessary; the picture says it all.) LOL

Resigned... I turned around and walked, searching for a definable place with an address to which I could summon Lord Uber... to take me back to my doggoned rattletrap stinkin stupid no good idiotic unfair donkeypoo hotel.  (I was so disappointed.  If you didn't pick up on that.)

Image result for dignified smiley face  (Grey skies are gonna clear up... put on a happy face...)   (NO!!! YOU put on a happy stupid face!!)  ha ha ha ha ha.......

Anywho, the adult portion of me did stop and catch a few more cool photos.

  This was a park near the dark and cloistered bookstore.  I would have loved to explore this place, but I had to get back and get ready to head to the airport.  So... next time I'm in Georgetown... my new seven kittens and I will play in this park!

They even have LGBT (XYZ...) REAL ESTATE.  Sweet.

So.  Got back to the Holiday Inn on the other side of the river, lugged my stuff to the elevator and out the front door.  This was the very nice guy who drove the hotel's airport shuttle for a nice couple and myself:

So.  No Anna Pigeon keepsakes, but I did have a fantastic adventure over the course of my week in DC.  And I made it home in one piece.


Happy Friday, everybody!

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