Saturday, September 15, 2018

I miss y'all!!

Hello hello... it's been awhile.  Lots of thoughts crashing through my head.

For one thing, I certainly did not intend to get up this early on a Saturday.  But Luna was whimpering by my side of the bed... which translates to, "Mommmm.... I gotta PEE!!"  So I got up and am still up.

I just reserved a place at Red Stick CrossFit's 8 a.m. Saturday rowing class.  Since I'm up... and since I do so love to burn calories.  It's pretty easy; you just... row.  Like, last time I did it, it was 7 minutes steady, 1 min rest, rinse and repeat, pretty much.  Except last time I didn't get a rower; I got a stationery bike.  Which was fine.... but today I've signed up in time to get a REAL ROWER, woo hoo!!

And, after that, Stevie Nicks needs her oil changed and her tires rotated so I will be headed that way... then maybe to sit and absorb life in a coffee shop of some sort.  Or maybe to crochet.  That's my "thing" these days.  I am fascinated with scarves and shawls, ever since my Stevie Nicks tour of NOLA hahaha.... you can see pics of that on Instagram; I am myblueart75.

OK, gotta get dressed and get some food in me.  I need to blog more.  I enjoy blogging.  I will have to put more effort into that.

I love my friends and my family, and especially God, who is my STRENGTH no matter what!

Perhaps I shall write more later.  Have great Saturdays, everybody!!